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Make your college years truly rewarding!

Become an Ecopolitan Eco-Health Community Intern or

Campus Representative! 


The Ecopolitan Eco-Health Community is looking for college "Campus Reps" or Interns - this is a fantastic opportunity to represent an organization that is truly making a difference, have fun, and gain valuable experience.


As an EEC Intern you will offer administrative assistance and volunteer with your local Ecopolitan Area Coordinator during Dr. Tel-Oren's events.  If you wish you will have the opportunity to volunteer in Nepal at Everest Learning Academy (for six months to one year). 

As an EEC Campus Rep, you’ll host fundraising events, educate your peers, increase awareness and collaborate with the EEC leadership team to implement marketing activities, increasing support of EEC among students, faculty and staff on your campus.

Both positions require enthusiasm, commitment, energy and passion.  If you want to make a difference by spreading our message, then please reach out and contact us!


We are looking for leaders, for those students who inspire their peers, have the willingness to collaborate with campus organizations and EEC leadership, easily and effortlessly "getting things done!" 


A supervised internship or "campus rep" position is a wonderful opportunity to gain experience, meet amazing individuals, work directly with Ecopolitan coordinators and volunteers - and grow as a human being.  You will also greatly enhance your resume!

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