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The Ecopolitan Eco-Health Community is proud to have a number of partners who support us by providing essential resources and sponsoring fundraising initiatives. Our partners stand behind EEC and its mission!  They support us and make obvious their commitment by generously investing in our organization and the children that we reach. Investing time, expertise and financial resources in a partnership with EEC will change the life of a child forever.

Review Nepal
Travel and Tour / Trek and Expedition P. Ltd.

P.O.Box 10486

Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Telephone / Fax: 977-1-4434399


We are a Nepal-based responsible travel company. We have specialized in Community Tourism in Nepal. We operate very special and authentic treks / tours with tailor-made itineraries as well as conventional packages in Nepal. We promote local communities to participate and share the benefit from tourism. We share tourism benefits to the development of local communities.

We are committed and dedicated to work with the local people bringing tourism opportunities in their communities. Many of our tour/treks are set in close coordination with local communities where they involve themselves in tourism activities and get direct benefit from it. Tourists are also provided the opportunity to contribute support to the communities. If they want to be involved in social activities even just for a short period, they will have a chance to contribute. Whatever is their profession they can share their experience and expertise for the welfare of the people. A small effort for their own joy and happiness during their holiday could inspire a great deal in the rural society of Nepal. 

Besides bringing together tourists and local communities, we donate a percentage of the profit to social welfare activities. All of our support goes through Everest Learning Academy (ELA), and we help link individuals, tourists, national and international organizations for a meaningful, sustainable contribution to people in need.

Through education, awareness and opportunity, Lifemax – the company – is restoring the health and building the wealth of the world. We’re making a measurable difference in the lives of thousands of people across the globe with the world’s healthiest whole, raw food – Mila®. In only a few years’ time, we’ve expanded our reach to include international markets. This gave us the wonderful opportunity to create the Lifemax Foundation.  As founder Sherri Wear says, “We, as a body of people, can come together through Lifemax and leave a mark on mankind that no one can erase.”

If you’re interested in supporting The Ecopolitan Eco-Health Community financially or spreading awareness about our organization and becoming a partner with us please contact us!

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