ELA Projects - Nepal

  • Nepal is located in southern Asia (between China and India)

  • ELA's programs are located in the following 5 districts:










ELA (Everest Learning Academy) Flagship School,

Patihani VDC 





ELA Headquarters,

Parbatipur VDC



Parbatipur COP



Parbatipur Child Care Ctr.




Parbatipur Orphanage





Sat Number COP, Patihani VDC





Bayer Ghari COP, Jagatpur VDC


Golaghat School, Meghauli VDC


Golaghat COP, Meghauli VDC




Chorkate Child Care Center


Khoplang School, Khoplang VDC



Lamidanda School VDC



Namki Model Social Service Center (under construction)










Aanbu VDC School


Chitwan Social Welfare Project: "Touching the Untouchables"








  • Purchase a large generator for the frequent interruptions in electricity supply

  • Connect wired Internet to the schools computer room

  • Repair toilets

  • Construct 4 new classrooms for grades 7-10

  • New fencing around new land expansion for additional classrooms


  • Acquisition of furniture and office equipment; landscaping and facilities; renovations for hosting volunteers




  • Finish plumbing and wiring at the newly completed construction site.




  • Hire new staff and acquire furniture plus final construction touches



  • Currently in the process of obtaining special government permits. Cost of permit is $21,500 - deposit for all of Nepal, multiple locations included. 



  • Current projects include adding toilets and running water to our newly completed building. The local government  contributed to the basic personal hygiene program; initiative of the governor who was impressed with ELA’s work and decided to support us.



  • Started construction of new classroom building in October 2012.




  • Current projects include obtaining educational and physical education supplies, and providing new scholarships


  • School bags







  • Renovate existing dilapidated construction site. 


  • Install concrete floors to completely cover the dirty dusty classroom floors, plus install a perimeter fence and ceiling fans with electric connection in all classrooms.



  • School bags plus scholarships.



a. Elderly People Care Center

b. Orphanage

c. Child Care Center

d. Community Outreach - educational, cultural, and economic support program

e. Guesthouse for tourists

Phase One- land acquisition

Phase two- building the road, leveling some of the terraces, and bringing in water supply

  • School Bags & Scholarships



  • Sharing food & healing touch to end caste prejudice.